Never Make These Mistakes When Taking Out Public Liability Insurance

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If you run a business and are likely to meet the public, then it is important to get public liability insurance. This type of insurance offers financial protection against legal action from the public. You could also get claims from third parties who experience injuries from your business operations. But many business owners end up making mistakes when getting public liability insurance.

The guide below highlights the mistakes to avoid when getting public liability insurance.

Failing To Tell the Insurer Everything

Buying public liability insurance (PLI) today is easy, but it can be dangerous. When meeting the insurance broker for the first time, it is critical to tell them everything concerning your company. That means getting into the specifics of your business operations. It is also necessary to highlight the risks involved in your firm's activities. Getting into details is essential when it comes to making a claim. Sometimes the insurance company can deny a claim since you did not tell them everything. Your insurance policy should cover all potential risks and liabilities.

Thinking That Public Liability Insurance Is Expensive

Most tradespeople think that insurance companies inflate prices of PLI insurance. That is because most businesses need it. The Australian government, however, has measures to protect anyone who needs to take the cover. The government understands the importance of public liability insurance for businesses. Tradespeople should, therefore, not risk working without it.

But the prices of the policies differ depending on your type of business. Insurance companies use various elements to determine the cost of your cover. For instance, they will look at the size of your firm and the type of risks involved. Other factors, such as whether you hire subcontractors, can also influence how much you pay for your policy.

Forgetting To Read the Fine Print

A lot of trade's people fail to understand the full scope of public liability insurance. The more you know your policy, the better. That way, you get to understand what is not covered in your policy. Take your time to read through the agreement before signing. It is not easy to decipher all the clauses in your insurance policy. Thus, ask the insurance company representatives to explain anything you do not understand.


Avoiding these mistakes with public liability insurance will help you save your money. The best way to ensure that you do not make these errors is by working with a financial expert. These professionals will ensure that you get the best cover for your business.

For more information on public liability insurance, reach out to a local insurance provider.


29 May 2020

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