3 Considerations When Taking Business Interruption Insurance

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Running any business comes with an element of risk involved, so you'll want to do everything possible to protect your bottom line from massive losses that could shut down your operations. Business interruption insurance is a good way to protect yourself in the event of unforeseen circumstances affecting your business, so consider these factors.

Understand The Elements You're Entitled To Under Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance overs your income loss in the event of a disaster or unforseen circumstance, but it's important to understand the elements you're entitled to under it. For example, if your business is out of action because of a natural disaster, you may be entitled to claim profits that you would have earned in the time it is out of commission. You may also be entitled to elements like disruption costs to cover any losses incurred due to services like telecommunication, water and electricity. You can also cover the cost of operating your business even when it isn't actually in operation. Your insurance broker will help create a list of elements that your company could benefit from under business interruption insurance.

Make Sure You Take Adequate Business Interruption Insurance

If you under insure your business, you will continue to carry some element of financial risk with you, so make sure you get a proper evaluation before you determine how much you should be covered for. To make sure you're adequately insured, you will need to take into account factors like annual profits, cost of operations on a monthly basis, fixed property costs, maintenance and cleaning costs, employee payroll and legal costs. Consider all these vital factors to ensure that you properly insure your company with the right amount of business interruption insurance.

Cover Yourself For Added Costs When Your Business Is Interrupted

A business is interrupted for a myriad of reasons – from natural disasters and burglaries to infrastructure development around you. This type of insurance is designed to cover your business for any additional costs you may incur to continue running your business. For instance, if you need to hire more people to help clean up your premises after a flood or if you need to pay rent for a temporary business premise, then business interruption insurance can take care of this for you – provided you cover yourself for these added costs. Similarly, if you incur certain unexpected renovation costs after a major disaster, you could claim for these extra expenses under business interruption insurance.

Business interruption insurance is important for all businesses because any disruptions to your operations could have serious ramifications on your future.


31 July 2017

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